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Hypershift’s consulting team provides cloud assessments that leverage broad experience, objective analysis, and recommendations to ensure you achieve your business goals.

Key specializations

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When considering a migration to or from a public cloud, it’s important to understand the costs, steps, and risks associated with each option.

Hypershift has deep expertise in delivering superior outcomes. By leveraging relationships with major cloud providers, we stay on top of the newest services from each major player to deliver a cost-effective, successful transition with minimal business impact.

Our services include:

  • Workload planning and financial impact analysis
  • Workload migration
  • Hybrid cloud implementation
  • Cloud-to-cloud migration

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Assessment

Building a business continuity solution is often treated as an event instead of a process. An effective business continuity solution requires regular testing and updates as your environment changes or as new applications are deployed or updated. Often, something as simple as a configuration change can render your business continuity solution outdated. Combine that with technologies that are enhanced, updated, or deprecated, and you’re looking at a complex scenario where you may have invested time and money, only to find out that it won’t work when you need it.

We help our clients evaluate their existing plans, adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape, and implement or update their plans and processes to keep things running when things go bad.

SaaS Optimization Assessment

A variety of industry studies have shown that anywhere from 30%-37% of SaaS licensing is wasted. This holds true across all industries and verticals. Even further, “shadow SaaS,” licenses purchased by business units and individuals, can often put corporate governance at risk by sending data to 3rd parties that may not meet your strict data governance standards.

Our SaaS Optimization Assessment finds rogue SaaS services, their associated costs, and global SaaS usage inside and outside of your organization.