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Hypershift loves extending company culture to our clients!

We’re creating immersive virtual customer experiences that are fun and interactive.




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nate with drink kits jan event 2021

Virtual Culinary Experience | November 2020
Thank you to all our partners who participated in Hypershift's first virtual culinary event last night with Washington Post's 2020 Food Entrepreneur of the Year, also featured on
Food Network 's #BeatBobbyFlay & #TopChef - Edward Hardy ! Who is hungry and ready for round 2?! #hypershift #virtualcooking #saasconsultants 
Virtual Mixology Experience | January 2021
Check please! What a blast at last nights Virtual Mixology Event.
Thank you to all that joined us.
Thank you to Zeke Hudson for putting together these yummy cocktails and delivering an authentic bar experience to our friends and customers.
To those that missed it, we have many fun events coming up. Stay tuned!

Virtual Wine & Charcuterie Board Making Experience | February 2021

We had another jam-packed client event hosted by  Social Media Food Celebrity & Charcuterie Aficionado Hannah Lurier from BoardsbyMo. We paired our boards with a delicious Syrah from Resistance Wine Co. Vineyard where Kirk Drake shared insight into everything this wine had to offer. Check out some of our participant's pictures below.