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Zylo & Hypershift – Your Partners in SaaS Management

If you’re a CFO, IT executive, or business owner, you have a vested interest in knowing which SaaS applications your employees are using. Nowadays, any employee can log into a website, enter credit card information, and load your company’s data into that application without explicit permission. This poses several issues.

  1. Security risks. Your data is stored with unknown vendors, exposing you to potential IP or data breach liabilities.
  2. Additional costs. You may be paying too much for duplicate or overpriced tools.  You may have orphaned licenses.

To help our clients solve these problems, Hypershift partnered with Zylo, a SaaS management company with unique capabilities. 

With Zylo, you can:

  1. Discover all SaaS apps being used in your enterprise. Are you spending money on duplicate applications? See how many web conference apps, collaboration tools, and expense management applications you’re paying for.
  2. Identify actual usage. How many employees use the application? Did you buy more licenses than you need?  Do you have orphaned licenses that need to be reclaimed?
  3. Find out which SaaS providers house your company’s data. Which SaaS providers actually have an agreement with you? Where is your data being housed, secured, or compromised?
  4. Automate your on-boarding and off-boarding process for employees.  Now you can provision your SaaS applications when you bring on new employees, and reclaim/deactivate a license when an employee leaves.

How does it work?

Zylo accesses your account, expense, and ERP system data to inventory all your SaaS applications. Then, it calculates application usage and costs.

Zylo will show you which applications your employees are using. It also shows spending for both sanctioned and one-off application purchases.

Zyla, In action

Often, one-off application expenses—especially for specific departments—contribute the most to duplicative, un-governed spending.

Here’s a broad look at Zylo data:


Zylo categorizes applications to provide a better understanding of application-type costs. This helps you pinpoint redundant or costly services.

Most companies with more than 100 employees find that they use three or more web conferencing and five or more collaboration tools.

Next, Zylo accesses application APIs to determine how many users are actually using them. Often, when you’ve purchased 1500 licenses, you’ll see that only 11001200 are actually being used. You may also discover unused or redundant services to cancel. This is a significant cost-saving opportunity.

Zylo also supports license optimization by showing all license tiers in use. Based on your company’s usage, Zylo determines if you’ve purchased the correct licenses—or if you should upgrade or downgrade to fit.

Zylo can look even further to determine whether individual users are logging into application sub-services. For example, are you really using Sharepoint all that much? Or can you better optimize your enterprise applications?

Lastly, Zylo monitors frequency of use and last access of various SaaS applications across the enterprise, providing better usage data.

Zylo and Hypershift offers quick SaaS application assessments.

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