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The Evolution of Seamlessly Integrated Work Environments in the Cloud

Have you ever called a company to ask for help and never heard back? Or had your call transferred and then ended up getting disconnected? These small disappointments add up. Training your staff in customer service is one way to fix this problem. You and your employees can only fully succeed if they have the right tools: a unified communications system.

That’s why Hypershift has partnered with RingCentral. Based on the name, you might assume it is a phone system. Yes, it is a phone system… In the same way that the iPhone is just a phone. In reality, it does so much more.

There are four reasons why you should consider replacing your traditional voice system with RingCentral.

  1. You Get An All-In-One Communications System - including Voice, Online Video Meetings, Team Messaging & Analytics
  2. You Can Get Coverage For Dozens of Countries
  3. You Look Smart By Saving Money On Your Telecom Expenses
  4. You Get Reports On Every Call Made

1. You Get A Smooth, Fortune 500 Quality Phone System (And Much More)

Your customers expect to be able to contact your company by phone and get a quick response. To keep up with their demands, you need a modern phone system that smoothly handles calls. RingCentral makes that possible with these features:

  • CRM Integration. When a customer calls in, they don’t want to repeat everything from their last call. That’s why RingCentral integrates directly with Salesforce. Your sales and service representatives can pull up a caller’s history quickly and serve them. By using CRM integration on each call, you can serve customers faster.
  • Call Recording. Recording calls is a tested way to ensure quality. That’s why RingCentral automatically records calls and keeps them on file for months. If you face a complaint, you can pull the recording and get to the bottom of it quickly.
  • Call Logs. Keep full records of every call coming to and from your company so you can create statistics and staff up effectively.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Support. Guiding customers to the right department is a critical way to serve them quickly. RingCentral lets your customers ask for “sales” or “customer service” and get routed directly to the right people.
  • Online Fax. Sometimes you still need to send a fax and receive faxes. RingCentral has you covered here with online faxes. That is an excellent feature because you don’t need to worry about losing track of a fax in the office.

As an Internet-based phone system, there is one critical point we need to mention. If you combine RingCentral with an unreliable or low bandwidth Internet connection, you will be disappointed by the results. That’s a minor issue however because few businesses already have high-quality Internet connections.

Use integrations to extend RingCentral’s features into every facet of your business. You can connect to CRM platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and Zoho. For customer service, RingCentral supports Zendesk, ServiceNow and Salesforce. That means you don’t have to change your CRM and customer support tools - RingCentral already supports the leading applications.

2. Manage Calls From Around The World With RingCentral

Your company probably has connections around the country and internationally. You might have a customer contact center in one country, an assistant in another country, and major customers in a third country. With traditional phones, it is expensive to stay in touch with that many people. It can also get quite complicated to deal with half a dozen different telecom providers.

With RingCentral, you get excellent phone service in dozens of countries. As of 2019, the company offers digital phone service comparable just like traditional phone carriers to countries across the world.

  • North America. United States, Canada, Mexico
  • Europe. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland
  • Asia. Australia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan

In addition to phone service, RingCentral also provides local and toll-free phone numbers for more than 100 countries around the world. That means your customers can call a familiar local number to get in touch with you.

That’s valuable because you no longer have to ask people in every area to set up and manage cell phone services. That’s not all. The company also provides local calling numbers and customer service support in French and German.

3. Cut Your Telecom Bill With RingCentral

Did you know that the average phone bill has skyrocketed in cost in the past decade? Some blame limited competition in the telecom sector. Other commentators highlight increasing taxes, fees, and surcharges applied to phones. One researcher found that taxes on the average wireless bill have increased from 15.1% to 19.1% since 2008.  That’s the bad news – if you do nothing, you will have a steady increase in your telecom expenses.

Does this mean that you are at the mercy of the telecom companies? Not at all. Just take a look at the results that RingCentral delivers to the company line. Box, a technology company with more than 1500 employees, found a 60% savings in using RingCentral using legacy solutions. Box isn’t the only company to achieve that level of savings either.

Directing saving money is only the most obvious way to save money. By using RingCentral, you will also save money in administration. You can operate your phone centers with fewer staff. Further, you can cut down on time required to follow up with customers because you are not missing their calls.

4. Get Out of The Dark With RingCentral’s Management Features

As a manager, you face constant pressures from executives and responding to the needs of your employees. In some industries, you also need to worry about regulations. RingCentral makes life easier for managers by offering high security and management reports.

Reporting Capabilities

To make smart management decisions, you need up to the minute data. Otherwise, you risk guessing and merely hoping for the best. With RingCentral, managers can get calling data and reports to make smart decisions. Here are some of the data you can pull from Ring Central.

  • Call Volumes. If you start to see a spike in call volume, you can detect the problem quickly and make changes. For example, if you see call volumes suddenly fall to zero you may have a technical issue to solve.
  • Average Speed To Answer. As customers wait on hold, their frustration builds. Track how long people are waiting for service by using the average speed to answer metrics. To make the most of this metric, establish a goal for speed to answer (e.g. 5 minutes or less) and track accordingly.
  • Missed vs. Answered Calls. When your company fails to answer a call, you are one step closer to losing that customer. By tracking the number of missed calls over time, managers can find patterns in calls and adjust accordingly. For example, you might find that you face a heavy load of calls on Monday mornings as customers get back to work and want to get problems fixed.

Tracking these call metrics is critical because research shows that slow phone service causes customers to complain, yell at your staff and post complaints online.

Keep Up With Regulatory Requirements

In some industries like healthcare and banking, you have to demonstrate that you are taking every step to protect customer data. RingCentral is built to address those security needs in mind. One RingCentral customer in the healthcare industry commented:

“RingCentral also helps us comply with the HIPAA standard, which allows us to have health-related video calls with our clients on a secure platform.”

By managing those calls in a secure platform, you can deliver excellent service to your customers. You also avoid the possibility of fines and negative publicity from failing to follow regulations.

Save Money and Improve Phone Performance With Hypershift and RingCentral

Save money, improve customer service and make life easier for your managers. That’s what you can achieve with RingCentral. 

How much money and hassle can you save? There’s only one way to find out. Contact us for an evaluation of your current telecom situation.