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Introducing HyperShift: IT Solutions Clients Can Trust

After I spent 20+ years helping companies develop IT and data center strategies, working for companies’ internal IT, then the ISV/OEM community, and finally starting a consulting company that designed/implemented and sold over $200M in IT software & hardware, it’s become increasingly evident that traditional hardware & software acquisition and deployment models are destined for the graveyard. Traditional IT services, delivered internally or externally, have been wrought with bloat, inefficiency, delays and generally dissatisfied business community.

Cloud SaaS Solutions
Hypershift was formed to help organizations take advantage of every new means of technology consumption and deployment. SaaS, IaaS and subscription based licensing top the list. We work with hundreds of ISVs to help our clients SHIFT to a new way of doing business. We work with cloud computing, SaaS and ISV companies, our clients and 3rd parties to help you plan and execute a less costly, more efficient, and user-centric technology plan.

We’re excited to launch this new endeavor and look forward to working with our long-time friends as well as new ones. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation with our team today!