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How does your company manage cyber risk?

Managing cyber risk is no small task. Companies limit cyber risk and access with tools like firewalls, IDS, IPS, and malware protection.

But what about your business partners and vendors? How do you ensure their security is as strong as yours?

Sure, contractual agreements and vendor audits pass most company liabilities to their vendors or their partners. And certifications and audit standards such as SOC, FISMA, and ISO gauge an organizations’ commitment to security and process.

But these methods are decidedly non-digital. Aside from actively scanning your vendors, how do you know that they protect your data as diligently as they claim?

To solve these challenges, Hypershift has partnered with Bitsight. Bitsight is the world’s preeminent cyber risk reduction platform.

Today, organizations share sensitive data with dozens or hundreds of business partners. This exposes them to the risk of a breach through a partner network. BitSight gathers data from multiple massive sources to provide a comprehensive view of a company’s security posture. This information is then federated to a security rating which, like a credit rating, quantifies the efficacy of a partner’s security program.

See how Bitsight can help your organization:

  • Improve your IT security organization’s performance
      • Use ratings and data to improve your security posture and effectiveness.
      • Discover malware outbreaks, and compromised systems that your other tools may have missed.
      • Fix problems before your customers find them via their own BitSight subscriptions.

  • Manage the security performance of your vendors and business partners
      • Reference ratings and vulnerability information to advise partner remediations and protect your company’s data.

  • Leverage your security rating when competing on contracts 
      • Find out if your competitors have better security ratings.
      • Improve your ratings for a competitive advantage when submitting proposals.

  • Receive favorable pricing when purchasing cyber insurance.
    • Underwriters use BitSight to determine your company’s discipline and capability, affecting your policy premiums.

How does Bitsight work?

Bitsight provides a security rating to help your company understand its own performance, assess the cyber risks within their industry, and have objective, verifiable, and actionable data that can be used to improve your security posture or measure a business partner or vendor.

What are Bitsight’s Security Ratings?

Security Ratings are like a credit score for your IT Security. Bitsight’s ratings range from 250 to 900, with higher scores indicating better cybersecurity performance.

They are used by CISOs, CIOs, IT auditors and security managers, and underwriters (who assess you when applying for cyber insurance). They are updated daily from a variety of data sources, including the largest most advanced honeypot network, crowdsourcing, and other public internet-based passive monitoring.

Security ratings take historical security performance and current performance into account. You can configure alerts based on changes in ratings to ensure you and your vendors stay above a certain threshold.

Bitsight collects data on billions of online events. From that data, you can see:

  • Indicators of compromise.
  • Infected machines.
  • Proper or improper security control configuration.
  • Positive or poor security hygiene.
  • Potentially harmful user behaviors.

Request more information or your company’s own security rating snapshot here.