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Cloud Governance: Do You Know Which SaaS Products Your Organization Uses?

In the day of SaaS, literally every company I talk to has a policy of prioritizing their software purchasing as follows:


If no SaaS options are available then…

Installable Software Deployed To IaaS

If no IaaS options are available then…

Software on Hardware deployed to data center

Okay, so now what?

By the time that they get to #3, they’re usually asking “Do we really need it, and is it worth the headache?”

With more SaaS services sharing data and interconnecting via API than ever before, SaaS options are becoming more enterprise friendly, data interchange friendly, and secure than before.

When I visit with our clients though, I often find that they have a handle on 4 or 5 core applications deployed in SaaS-land, but are often unaware of other applications that the user base may have signed up for directly. Furthermore, they find that data is being loaded to those services without appropriate due diligence by IT and Legal departments.

Cloud Governance
At Hypershift one of the key services we provide to our clients as an introductory engagement is to help them identify those services and develop a plan to reign them in without disrupting the business flow. There are surveys that have demonstrated, on average, there are 3 free SaaS services deployed in an organization for every paid 1. This means IT only knows about a subset of what’s out there.

At Hypershift, we help clients get a handle on this type of dangerous user activity. Click here to schedule a consultation on how we can help you find rogue applications and data leakage to rogue SaaS services.